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Having a business is a great thing. You are your own boss, however, you may also need to be the Chief Financial Officer, sales and HR Manager all wrapped in one. With all those different parts of your business to look after, something always has to give way. The most likely is your bookkeeping and accounts. That’s why we think that our team here at Teamwork Accounting can help you to stay on top of your books. We are able to offer Brighton bookkeeping services all year round.

What a Bookkeeper Does

An effective, well-run business needs the services of a bookkeeper to prepare reports and documents. These documents are utilised to guide the business with its financial position. It’s vital for the head of a company or owner to know what they can do financially with the business. The bookkeeper helps them by drawing up these reports for their decision making. This is just one of the ways our bookkeepers help our partner businesses.

Other important aspects of a bookkeeper are to receive and enter in details about cash transactions, cheques and other transfers. We are also in charge of reconciling accounts, logging data and financial information and looking for inconsistencies. If we find such problems, we report them to the owner or manager for further investigation. We are the team that makes sure all other parts of the business are successful and are accounted for.

The Teamwork Accounting Story

One thing that is rather unique about our team is that we have over 50 years of collective experience in finance and accounting. This means that our accounting and bookkeeping is second to none. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to our clients, everyone is different with different needs. We tailor our services to your needs as we know that this fosters a trusting work relationship.

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