Making tax easier

Tax is one of those things in life you can’t avoid. Each year, tax season rolls around, and whether you’re prepared or not, you must lodge your taxes. Whether you’re planning on doing it by yourself or getting assistance, this 2022 master tax guide will be your roadmap to tax season. Before lodging your tax … Continue Reading

Tips to Prepare For Your Tax Return [2020]

Calculator to prepare tax return

Here is the ultimate guide to successfully prepare your personal tax return. Before meeting with you to prepare your tax submission, you need to gather certain information that applies to your circumstances for the year. There’s no denying that the ATO’s pre-filling service takes care of a lot of the traditional paperwork, however most of … Continue Reading

ATO’s clampdown on work-related expenses

Crackdown on "other" work related expenses

ATO’s view on Work-Related Expenses and deductions being claimed Work-Related Expenses and what to do about them There have been numerous media reports of late about the ATO’s view on work-related deductions being claimed by individual taxpayers. This is on the back of work-related expense claims in 2017 reaching a record $21.2 billion. Reports suggest … Continue Reading