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If you have considered taking your retirement into your own hands, you’re not alone. We here at Teamwork Accounting see hundreds of people every year looking to change their future. A lot of people have become disillusioned by big companies. They have decided to take their future in their own hands. They have started their own super-fund or otherwise called Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Teamwork Accounting loves to help these people take control as they are the leading SMSF accountant Brighton has to offer.

Teamwork Accounting as our SMSF Accountant

Having a SMSF is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. You can see you money grow, while also letting you have the ability to choose where to invest. Also with SMSF there can be tax benefits by using our team’s advice. Having your money be pooled with family can also provide cost efficiencies too. The benefits are endless. You will be so impressed on how fast and secure managing your own money can be. Teamwork Accounting knows how.

More About the Teamwork Accounting Team

Our team consists of professionals at the height of their game in order to see the best results for our clients. This team is built to achieve the highest possible success for our clients. A lot of other accounting firms have templates and standardised operating procedures as if every business or individual is the same. They use their “cookie cutter” approach to helping every client. Here at Teamwork Accounting, we go out of our way to provide details and relevant advice for you. We have 50+ years of experience to really get you the results you are looking for. The best approach is the Teamwork Accounting team approach.

If you are keen to take the control over your money back from big companies, we can help. It does help to have the best SMSF accountant Brighton has to offer on your side. Contact us here at Teamwork Accounting to get your future back.

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