Terms & Conditions

Hourly Charge Out Rate

Complex (see below) generally range between:

Consulting (per hour) Partner/Senior/Principal:

Partner / Chartered Accountant:

Senior Accountant:



Total Net (excl. GST)

$170.00 to $250.00


$240.00 to $250.00


$120.00 to $150.00


  • A standard income tax return which is straightforward and for an existing client is charged at $140.00 (excl. GST). No discounts apply.
  • Complex rates apply to income tax return claims involving property rental, depreciation, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), trust income and medical expenses. Generally the minimum cost for a complex income tax return is between $170 and $250 (excl GST).
  • Our fee, unless otherwise stated, is for the preparation and lodgement of your income tax return. This fee does NOT cover our costs for any Tax Office enquiry, audit or investigation. Any such involvement of Teamwork Accounting would incur additional fees based on our hourly rates at the relevant time.
  • The fee for the preparation and lodgement of your income tax return is due and payable BEFORE the return is lodged with the Australian Tax Office.
  • You agree to provide full and truthful information relevant to your income tax return and in a timely manner.
  • You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your income tax return under the ATO’s Self Assessment regime. The issuing of a refund does NOT imply that the ATO has accepted your taxation return. The ATO may at any stage in the following 5 years, audit and review your income tax return. Teamwork Accounting takes no responsibility for any audit or investigation conducted as a result of its involvement.
  • Teamwork Accounting does not provide any guarantee of tax refunds.
  • Services performed in relation to audit, business, corporate and general consultancy are subject to our hourly rates and payable within 14 days from date issue of our invoice. We generally invoice at the end of each month, based on time worked, or at suitable intervals.
  • You acknowledge and accept the terms of our Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Policy.
  • If you do not pay our invoice within 30 days, we reserve our right to:
    • withhold lodgement of your income tax return or performing any further services for you until the outstanding invoice is paid;
    • charge you interest at a rate not exceeding the Cash Rate Target as fixed by the Reserve Bank of Australia plus 2% per day, from the date the invoice is issued until paid;
    • recover from you any costs associated in recovering the amount outstanding to our Firm;
    • exercise a common law right known as a lien. The lien allows us to retain your file (including your accounts) until our invoice is paid.