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As we get older we start to realise that in addition to living a great life, we need to also work towards our future more efficiently. With a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), it’s possible to be in control of your future. That means that you can remove the control of your future from the clutches of corporations and put it back into your hands. The Point Cook Self Managed Super Fund specialists at Teamwork Accounting can provide you with rewarding super fund advice.

Self Managed Super Funds and You

At Teamwork Accounting we are able to work with you to open, secure and grow your very own Point Cook Self Managed Super Fund. We can work with your employer or business to redirect your super into your SMSF account. This provides you with more flexibility as well as choices in what you want to do with those savings. You also have access to tax savings depending on your situation and investment strategy. Finally, you can also pool your super with other members of your family (e.g. with your partner). This means you can see the benefits of growing your super as well as have control over what happens with your funds.

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Minimise your tax
  • Increase your revenue

A Little About Teamwork Accounting

Teamwork Accounting are specialists in both business and employee accounting. We have a great team with the knowledge and expertise to help you with your finances. With Teamwork Accounting on your side and with our unique approach to finances, you will achieve the outcomes you're looking for. This approach has been developed over 50+ years of collective experience from all members of staff.

At Teamwork Accounting we pride ourselves on our business relationship with our clients. We are relationship focused whilst other firms focus on the “tick and flick” model of accounting. This type of relationship allows the team to know your finances inside and out and help you to work towards expansion and growth. The Teamwork Accounting team work day in and day out to provide their customers with the best service they can. Why not let us work for you and your personal or business finances.

What are you waiting for, your future is fast approaching. Why not take it by the reigns and steer the direction YOU’RE going. Contact the Point Cook Self Managed Super Fund specialists at Teamwork Accounting today to start your financially secure retirement journey.

Point Cook Self Managed Super Fund
Point Cook Self Managed Super Fund
Point Cook Self Managed Super Fund

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